Gaven Industries Inc. Award Winning Services

  • Enclosure Design Consultation

    Gaven Industries can assist your design team in determining the appropriate R.F. Shielding and Magnetic Shielding requirements (for shielding performance down to 0Hz)! and the construction materials and methods needed to achieve these goals whether your project is a small room for a calibration lab or an entire building encompassing 150,000 sqft or a Radar Antenna Test Facility located in a larger metropolitan area.

    Along with R.F. and Magnetic Shielding Design, manufacturing and installation services, Gaven Industries can also provide architectural, structural, environmental, power and mechanical systems design support to a project through our network of partners.

  • Shield Effectiveness Testing

    Gaven Industries Inc. has thousands of installations worldwide, servicing the medical, research, and commercial industries. All of our R.F. Shielded Enclosures are rigorously tested for the highest level of performance.

    Research, Medical and Commercial

    Gavens' in house testing department test to IEEE-299 for the specifications of any magnet vendor, such as GE, Phillips, Siemens, Bruker, Hitachi, Toshiba, and Marconi.

    Government and Military

    For the testing of Government and Military facilities Gaven Industries' in house testing department can test from NSA 73-2A, 104-6, 65-6, MIL STD - 188 - 125 - 1 and 2.

  • Shield Restoration and Repair

    Gaven Industries will repair or modify any Shielded Enclosure, be it welded, bolt-together or soldered, that is damaged or worn beyond repairable limits and bring it back to the original attenuation levels. Gavens' shielding restoration services include not only R.F. shielding but Magnetic and HEMP shielding.

    First, testing is performed to identify the problem areas. After repairs are made, testing is performed again to verify compliance with the required attenuation levels.

    We can replace defective door control systems and seals, whether mechanical or pneumatic, on large or small, rolling or sliding enclosures or test chamber doors with new state of the art control systems, not only increasing their usable life, but also operational reliability and user safety as well.

    To the right are just a few examples of the kind of defective installations in need of restoration. Gaven has successfully restored sites to functional capabilities worldwide.

  • Service Plans

    Gaven Industries' offers a maintenance and service plan for both Gaven and NON Gaven installed R.F. shielded enclosures*.

    Along side the maintenance and service plan, an option for shield effectiveness testing is available to verify the performance quality of your shielded enclosure.

    Our team offers a level of expertise and knowledge unsurpassed in the R.F. shielding industry today.

    For information on Gavens' Service Plans contact Jason Rivera at (724)-352-8100 or by email











    *scope of maintenance plan is determined by initial site inspection

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